Showcase Your Destination on the Global Beats Stage

Now's your chance to submit a cultural (music or dance) performance for the Global Beats Stage one of
the most popular gathering spots on the Travel & Adventure Show and LA Times Travel and Adventure show floor.

Your participation promises to help drive traffic to your booth as many of our attendees often follow up to hear more about the destination featured on stage.

Each Act on the Global Beats Stage will be promoted within:

 Website "Global Beats Stage" Section

 Official Show Guide (Pre-Show and On-Site)
 On-Site Signage (Includes Booth Number to Help Drive Traffic)
 Sponsor Mention in MC Announcements

Acts considered on a firstcome, firstserved basis.

DEADLINE: Immediate Action Recommended
To Submit an Act for the Global Beats Stage please fill out the form below.

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Note: We encourage all acts to submit a JPG (300 dpi) electronic file for promotional purposes.
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Travel and appearance costs are the responsibility of exhibitors.