Exhibitor Referral Program

Spread the Word about the Travel & Adventure Show 
You'll earn a $100 off your NEXT Booth (or cash) and your referral will receive a $100 off too!

Exhibitor referrals are a valuable part of the Travel & Adventure Show growth and we want to reward you for your help introducing our shows to other businesses like yourself.

The referral program works two ways:

1.)  Click Here to send us a list of companies (up to 5) that you think would benefit from exhibiting at our shows and we'll call them and mention you referred them.


2.)  Spread the word, tell other companies about the Travel & Adventure Show as you network at industry events.  If they call or email us and mention you referred them, you'll get credit!  To ensure you get credit send them to

  Current exhibitors can receive up to a maximum of $500 or 5 referrals for every year.  Eligibility to receive referral benefits will not be considered until the Travel & Adventure Show has received the following from the FIRST-TIME exhibitor: 1) Exhibit Contract  2) 50% Booth Payment of Full Price $3,595 Booth.  Upon receipt of above-mentioned forms and payments, referring exhibitor AND the new exhibitor will be contacted within 3 days regarding the confirmation of benefits.