Press Tips for Exhibitors Only
Take advantage of the following tools to help you garner better media coverage at the next Travel & Adventure Show

Publicity Tips
At the Travel & Adventure Show, expect media coverage from key television and cable stations in each of the show markets, radio reports, hundreds of newspapers and magazine stories on the Internet as well.

Press Kit & Release Tips/Guidelines
What goes into a press kit? Press kits are a one-stop source for the media to get information about your company and product. Information included in kits should be kept simple and to the point as journalists are not interested in slick marketing materials or brochures; they want hard news. The best kits are enclosed neatly in a folder that is marked clearly with the company's logo and booth number on the outside for easy reference.  While creativity is key in distinguishing your kits from others, keep in mind that most kits that are not in standard-sized folders are often passed over or thrown out.

Press Events
From holding press conferences to participating in a conference session panel, the Travel & Adventure Show exhibitors can connect with the press to tell their story, show their products and demonstrate their expertise. We invite you to use a variety of on-site services and programs to execute your PR plan.

Public Relations Contacts
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