Publicity Tips

At the Travel & Adventure Show, expect media coverage from key television and cable stations in each of
the show markets, radio reports, hundreds of newspapers and magazine stories on the Internet as well.

We have prepared the following tips to help you garner the publicity you deserve.

1) Media Positioning
The Travel & Adventure Show defines active and adventure travel, cultural, heritage and experiential tourism. Develop press materials that capture the experiential vacation and reflect how your company's brand portrays that niche.

2) Announce New Products/Services at the Travel & Adventure Show
Debut your new product offering or services at the show to generate extensive publicity, including TV coverage. Will your destination, hotel, resort be the hot talk of the show? For breaking news, consider holding a press conference from the show floor!

3) Name Drop: The Travel & Adventure Show
Use your exhibitor status in your announcements and benefit from the show branding. Download the official logo for your marketing materials.Click here
to download a logo. Also, list your booth number on all of your materials so media can find you.

4) Use the Web
Send your lead release or announcement release to Melanie Flavin at
 The website garnered more than 14 million page views in the 2007-2008 season. Don't miss the coverage!

5) Press Materials

The Travel & Adventure Show continues to be the showcase for the active and adventure travel industry, with the industry's best represented at shows. Make sure your materials stand out from the competition and that they are informative and attractive. Bring your press kits to the onsite Press Room at each show where they will be displayed for journalists to peruse. Click here for Press Release and Press Kit Preparation information.

6) New Product Offering
Use this opportunity to list any announcements that you plan to make at the Travel & Adventure Show and identify which company reps will be available for interviews. You’ll want to let IConnect PR know about any news you’ll be disseminating at the show so that you can be included in all publicity efforts. You will also want to provide the on-site information (cell phones, hotel information) for your representatives so that we can contact them at a moment’s notice to speak with press. 

7) Think TV
Be prepared to present your products to television journalists. Television coverage of the show is brisk on the Friday morning before the show and the Saturday morning of the show in each market. If you’d like to be included in the TV coverage, you should plan to get into the show early to have your booth attractive and ready for TV. Make your booth visually captivating with lots of color.

8) Host a Special Event or a Celebrity
Want the media to flock to your booth? There's no better way to draw attention to your product than with a special event or celebrity appearance. If you've got something special planned, let us know.

9) Call for Help
The Travel & Adventure Show is interested in helping all of its exhibitors maximize their show experience.
Contact Melanie Flavin, the Travel & Adventure Show Marketing Director regarding any sponsorship or marketing questions;