DCFud: Interview With Samantha Brown

Interview With Samantha Brown

I had the pleasure of running into and later interviewing Travel Channel Host Samantha Brown at the Travel & Adventure Show.  She was smart, personable, passionate about food and quite funny.  I had all of five minutes for this interview.

I also caught a bit of her presentation. She travels with “I love NY” t-shirts and peanut butter. She gives the shirts as gifts to those who go above and beyond to help her while she is traveling, and she makes PB&J sandwiches for local crews who work with her as an example of American comfort food we grow up on. She gave China as an example and said the Chinese camera crew hated the sandwiches at first and then start to enjoy them.

JAY:  What are your guilty food pleasures?

SB:  Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and spaghetti bolognese.  They are my comfort foods, and you can find them in hotels around the world.

JAY: What foods do you hate?

SB:  Foie gras, duck tongue, guinea pig.  I actually love the cricket tacos at Oyamel.

JAY: What do you cook at home?

SB:  Indian food.  I love to cook chicken thighs, since they are cheap and flavorful.  I make a really good warm lentil salad with fried eggs and Sriracha.