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Adventures in Travel Expo Offers Vacations
From the Unique to the Exotic

Milford, CT, February 21, 2007 – The word “adventure” means different things to different people. So does the breadth of experiences to be had by adventure travelers – those who seek to travel responsibly, take home an experience, engage in activities and explore different cultures. Whatever a traveler’s passion, it can be found at the Adventures in Travel Expo, the world’s largest active and adventure travel show that will be held at the Washington Convention Center the weekend of March 3 & 4, 2007.

The show focuses on what’s hot in adventure travel – from dude ranches across America to golfing and walking tours in Ireland; from volunteer vacations like building schools in Honduras to rainforest excursions in Puerto Rico. With the hundreds of destinations, resorts and tour operators present at the show, there is truly something for everyone.

“We are providing people in the Washington DC area a sample of the vast world of adventure travel that awaits them,” says John Golicz, CEO of Unicomm, Expo organizer. “This travel niche continues to grow in popularity because it’s an opportunity for people to experience a piece of the world and to be changed by it, and that’s so much more than what we used to expect from our vacations.”

Here are some of the adventures that attendees may explore at the Expo:

Exotic Travel

Attendees will be able to catch a glimpse of the exotic – those far-flung destinations that one reads about in storybooks or travel magazines. These places are real and very accessible. Why not try ice fishing or kayaking the fjords of Iceland? Or explore the lush landscape of Nicaragua from a hot air balloon at dawn? Or take in the flavors of Thailand with their rich festivals and distinct food. Or why not take in a cricket match or do some bird watching in the South American country of Guyana? These are just a few of the many exotic trips that one can discover at the Expo.

The Best of the Caribbean

When it comes to island adventures, DC area residents have the advantage of being close to some of the best islands in the world. The Caribbean provides a wealth of tempting trips that include: Hiking in Dominica such as easy hikes to Trafalgar Falls or a more arduous hike to the world’s largest Boiling Lake; browsing the fragrant spice markets in Grenada; attending the Tranquility Jazz Festival, boat races and other cultural events in Anguilla; sampling the island flavors of Krioyo fare in Curacao; or horse back riding on the beach in Puerto Rico, to name just a few.

East Coast Getaways

With so much adventure to be had in the Eastern U.S., there are adventures that are just a drive or short flight away. You can still get in some spectacular skiing in Vermont and stay in a cozy bed & breakfast or a five star ski resort. Why not take a lobster boat or do some whale watching off of Maine’s rocky coast? You can walk the pristine beaches and stay in Victorian Inn splendor in Cape May, NJ or take in some four-season fun in nearby Delaware. Colonial Williamsburg provides a step back in time or the best of all that is present-day in terms of family fun. Whatever your pleasure, the Expo offers a host of expert information on traveling within the United States

Family Fun

Family travel is one of the fastest growing travel trends as families like to get out there, explore something new and make memories to last a lifetime. The Expo provides just such opportunities like dolphin parks in Belize and historic tours in Philadelphia, beach vacations in Myrtle Beach and a dude ranch in Montana. A stroll down the Expo aisles will have families uncovering the vacation that is right for them.

So take a trip around the world in one day and discover what experiences and adventures await you. Hundreds of destination experts will be there to help you plan your next holiday.

For more information about the Adventures in Travel Expo, please visit the website at www.adventureexpo.com or call (203) 878-2577.

About Adventures in Travel Expo

The Adventures in Travel Expo (ATE) is the world’s largest active and adventure travel show and takes place in four of the largest US travel markets in 2007 (NYC/January 13-14; Chicago/January 27-28; Los Angeles/February 10-11; Washington, DC/March 3-4). ATE promotes responsible, experiential, active, adventurous, cultural and heritage travel. For more information, visit the Adventures in Travel Expo website at www.adventureexpo.com.