Enjoy Exotic Flavors of 7,000 Tropical Islands at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show

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Enjoy Exotic Flavors of 7,000 Tropical Islands at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show

Ramar Foods & Celebrity Chef Cocoy Ventura Dish Out the Filipino Food Movement at Booth #706

(Pittsburg, CA) – The Philippines consists of over 7,000 tropical islands, surrounded by turquoise blue ocean, lush green terrain that the warm and welcoming Filipino community is proud to call home. This weekend, Ramar Foods (www.RamarFoods.com) is showcasing the flavor of the Philippines at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show. Ramar Foods is the leading producer of Filipino food in the U.S. providing a taste of home for those from the Philippines, and a culinary journey for everyone else. Celebrity Chef Cocoy Ventura will cook and share his recipe for a popular Filipino dish on stage Sunday, February 17th, at 1:45 – 2:45 PM. Tasting to follow at Booth # 706.

Travel Channel Star Andrew Zimmern announced on the Today Show that Filipino food was going to be the next big food craze in America. Zimmern said, "Everybody loves Chinese food, Thai food, Japanese food, and it’s all been exploited. The Filipinos combined the best of all of that with Spanish technique." If you haven’t tried Filipino food yet or you already love it: the best way to enjoy it is this weekend at the Travel & Adventure Show in Santa Clara on the 16th and 17th February 2013 (www.AdventureExpo.com) where you can experience delicious international cuisine and culture. Ramar Foods (www.RamarFoods.com) will also be serving up free samples of their newest brand – Kusina, featuring 6 all natural Filipino entrees, including Chicken Adobo, Chicken Sisig, and Pancit.

Ramar Foods is at the forefront of the Asian food movement and has founded the Filipino Food Movement, a non-profit initiative to educate and empower Filipino cuisine and culture in the United States. Staying loyal to the company’s culture and traditional roots, Ramar keeps family, health, all-natural ingredients and authenticity their top priorities. Ramar Foods’ makes Filipino food delicious and easy with their prepared food line Kusina which appeals to all demographics. Welcome the Filipino Food Movement by trying Kusina, for your next the culinary adventure. Available in select Whole Foods, Safeway’s and Lucky stores in the Bay Area. 800 Garden Street, Suite B Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.969.3744 T 805.969.3697 F christiecomm.com

Kusina is Ramar Foods’ prepared frozen entrée line of delicious, healthy and easy to enjoy Filipino cuisine. Kusina reflects traditional Filipino cuisine, a blend of Southeast Asian food with European and American influences includes:

· Chicken Adobo
· Pork Adobo
· Chicken Empanada
· Chicken Sisig
· Vegetable Pancit Meal
· Chicken Lumpia
· Vegan Lumpia

About Ramar Foods International
Ramar Foods International is the leading producer of Filipino foods in the United States with eight gourmet brands and over 100 products offering a comprehensive experience of The Flavor of the Philippines. The line of premium brands began in 1969, when Maria and Ramon Quesada created a small family business known as Orientex, and began selling Filipino handicrafts. Today, Ramar Foods International manufactures in California and Hawaii including the brands: Orientex, Magnolia, Frescano, Pampagna’s Best, Manila Gold, Bestaste, Turo-Turo Gourmet and Kusina. Ramar Foods International is recognized as an industry leader through over 40 years of experience using the highest quality ingredients and time-tested family recipes; as well as for pioneering the Filipino Food Movement. With distribution in national, specialty, and Asian grocers nationwide, Ramar Foods International’s family business continues to serve as a destination to The Flavor of the Philippines in home kitchens across America daily. For more information about Ramar Foods, visit (www.RamarFoods.com).

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