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Adventures in Travel Expo Offers an Adventure to Suit any Style

Milford, CT, January 29, 2007The word “adventure” means different things to different people. Likewise does the breadth of experiences to be had by adventure travelers – those travelers who opt to explore their destination from a physical, cultural and spiritual perspective and return with more than just a tan. Whatever a travelers’ passion, they will find it at the Adventures in Travel Expo, the world’s largest active and adventure travel show that comes to Chicago the weekend of January 27 & 28, 2007 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

The show focuses on what’s hot in adventure travel – from family dude ranches to elephant treks in India; from volunteer vacations like building schools in Honduras to rainforest excursions in Puerto Rico. With the hundreds of destinations, resorts and tour operators present at the show, there is truly something for everyone.

“We are providing Chicago area residents with a sample of the vast world of adventure travel that awaits them,” says John Golicz, CEO of Unicomm, Expo organizer. “This travel niche continues to grow in popularity because it’s an opportunity for people to experience a piece of the world and to be changed by it, and that’s so much more than what we used to expect from our vacations.”

Here are some of the adventures that attendees can explore at the Expo:

Exotic Travel

Attendees will be able to catch a glimpse of the exotic – those far-flung destinations that one reads about in storybooks or travel magazines. These places are real and very accessible. Why not try ice fishing or kayaking the fjords of Greenland? Or join a camel caravan in Jordan to retrace the journeys of Lawrence of Arabia? Or dive the deep blue waters off Fiji? Or attend the Phuket International Blues Festival or any other number of cultural festivals in Thailand? These are just a few of the many exotic trips that one can discover at the Expo.

The Best of the Caribbean

When it comes to island adventures, nothing beats the warm people, cultures and natural beauty of the Caribbean. The Caribbean provides a wealth of tempting trips that include: diving in Bonaire, treks to the Boiling Lake of Dominica, snorkeling off the world’s second largest Barrier Reef in Belize, the Regattas in the British Virgin Islands, or horse back riding on the beach in Puerto Rico, to name just a few.

Closer to Home

For those who seek domestic travel, the Expo offers a great opportunity to explore a wide variety of destinations right here in the U.S. Tourism bureaus from Kentucky, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, Philadelphia, PA, New Smyrna Beach, FL and numerous others provide adventure and cultural trips that run the gamut. There are also some trips even closer to home such as the Double JJ Ranch & Golf Resort in Michigan, Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor, WI and the kayak trips offered by Geneva Kayak, located in the Chicago area.

Exciting Africa

There are a number of countries, resorts and tour operators for Africa. Travelers may wish to take wildlife tours in Kenya, photographic safaris in Tanzania, or do some white shark diving in South Africa. The diversity of the continent makes for a wealth of adventure and cultural offerings.

For more information about the Adventures in Travel Expo, please visit the website at www.adventureexpo.com or call (203) 878-2577.

About Adventures in Travel Expo

The Adventures in Travel Expo (ATE) is the world’s largest active and adventure travel show and takes place in four of the largest US travel markets in 2007 (NYC/January 13-14; Chicago/January 27-28; Los Angeles/February 10-11; Washington, DC/March 3-4). ATE promotes responsible, experiential, active, adventurous, cultural and heritage travel. For more information, visit the Adventures in Travel Expo website at www.adventureexpo.com.