Brincatti Refillable Bottles, Inc. opens an office in Torrance California.

Brincatti Press Release

Brincatti Refillable Bottles, Inc. opens an office in Torrance California.

Torrance, CA – (October 31
, 2011) – Kenny Brincat was working in his hair salon one day when he went to fill one of his shampoo bottles from the larger bottles that he buys in bulk. As the large bottle was brand new and still full, kind of heavy, and more than a little unwieldy, Kenny ended up with a puddle of very expensive hair product all over the floor. Frustrated with the process of transferring bulk liquids into small usable bottles, Kenny had his ‘Aha’ moment. If that opening were bigger, I’d have a full bottle of shampoo and no mess to clean.

With that unfortunate little mishap, Brincatti Refillable Bottles was born. Kenny has designed and developed a better way. The Brincatti design is genius in its simplicity. Rather than try to fill a bottle with a funnel, or trying to aim for that tiny little hole, the Brincatti bottles unscrew at the wider part of the bottle allowing for easier filling. Now after ten years of trial and error developing and patenting the bottles, Brincatti is poised to take the bulk liquid business by the horns.

Brincatti Refillable bottles opened a new office in Torrance, CA over the summer. With a new warehouse near the Torrance Airport packed with his first two products, Brincatti Refillable Bottles is opened for business and live on line.

The application for this kind of idea is almost unlimited. Currently the product line is limited to a TSA Approved Travel Kit with four 3oz Brincatti Refillable bottles packaged in a one quart ziplock plastic bag for carrying personal care products on our nation’s airlines, and a 22oz Spray Bottle for household use. There are plans for refillable household shampoo/conditioner bottles, detergent bottles, and even refillable tubes for lotions and creams.

It’s good to know that innovation is still alive and well here in Southern California. And with products that are good for the consumer, good for the manufacturer, and good for the environment, Brincatti Refillable Bottles is a win-win-win!